A’soud Global School in Salalah celebrates the glorious 52nd National Day

Roundup Tuesday 22/November/2022 11:07 AM
By: Times News Service
A’soud Global School in Salalah celebrates the glorious 52nd National Day

A’soud Global School, Salalah, celebrated the glorious 52nd National Day with its own grand programme of events on Thursday 17th November.Mrs Faiza Mohammed Al Rahbi, the wife of His Highness Sayyid, Governor of Dhofar,attended the school’s event as guest of honour and was joined by Mr Himansu Mohapatra, Group General Manager - Investment from Muscat Overseas Group and member of the school’s senior management.

Mr Damon Hewson, Principal, delivered a speech in which he said,‘I am honoured to extend my heartfelt congratulations to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq and the Omani people on the glorious occasion of Oman’s 52nd National Day’.Addressing the gathering, he also expressed his thanks to all staff and students at AGS for theirhard work and effort,commenting especially on the fantastic quality and range of the event’s diverse programme. He further identified the considerable efforts of all the talented Omani staff at AGS who were the pillar of the day’s colourful programme. One of the wonders of the unique Omani culture is its exceptional, mouthwatering traditional cuisine, samples of which were available courtesy of the school’s Omani staff.

National pride and patriotic fervour were on full display at the school’s celebration, which was well decorated with the national colours of red, green and white.

Reflecting the welcoming and inclusive nature of Oman to all, students from all years- KG 1 to Grade 9 - participated in the prestigious event, offering a well-choreographed show that included Qu’ran recitation, poetry,singing,traditional Omani dances and a fashion show in which the school’s international students contributed their own appreciation of what Oman means to them.