How Brazil is positioning itself as a haven for digital nomads

World Thursday 17/November/2022 13:14 PM
By: Times News Service
How Brazil is positioning itself as a haven for digital nomads

João Pessoa, São Paulo, and Florianópolis offer remote workers their own unique selling points as destinations balancing productivity, affordability, and dream lifestyles

Brazil is granting visas and temporary residence permits for immigrants without an employment relationship in Latin America’s largest country and whose professional activity can be carried out remotely. These workers, known as digital nomads, are flocking to destinations that offer the ideal blend of conditions for their productivity and peace of mind – and Brazil is striving to deliver this.

For a period of up to one year and extendable for an additional year, digital nomads can enter Brazil as a visitor (tourist) for up to 90 days and must meet the criteria acceptable to their migratory condition based on their nationality.

This way of life has grown in popularity, particularly during the pandemic, and many professionals have embraced the concept of working while travelling between cities or countries.

Programmers, video editors, content producers, teachers, photographers, translators, illustrators, designers, investors, and other professionals all have the potential to work as digital nomads. Many people have made freedom their way of life. Rather than waiting for the perfect moment to plan a trip, life on the move and discovering new places are the norm today.

Here are the three top destinations in Brazil for digital nomads.

João Pessoa (PB) – Where creativity flows

UNESCO has designated João Pessoa as a creative city.

According to a survey published in February 2022 by the digital magazine Start Se, João Pessoa, the capital of the state of Paraiba, is at the top of the list of the best-prepared cities in Brazil for digital nomads to work in. Three factors contributed to João Pessoa’s ranking: internet connection speed, cost of living, and nearby attractions.

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How to get there

By plane

The airport is 25km out of town. Ground transportation takes you to the city centre, and the price of a local taxi is negotiable.

For international flights or a lower airfare, you may also want to consider flying to the airports of Recife, Natal or Maceió. From there you can take an intercity bus or shared ride with ground transportation to João Pessoa. The taxi price from the Recife airport is negotiable.

By bus

From Recife, Campina Grande and Natal you can take the intercity bus or other form of ground transportation. João Pessoa's long-distance bus station is located in the city centre.


São Paulo (SP) – Where entertainment thrives

São Paulo is Brazil’s most cosmopolitan city. It is a fantastic metropolis in every sense, especially in terms of diversity, as well as a great entertainment centre with a diverse range of styles and cultures, home to numerous cinemas, theatres, cultural centres, museums, historic buildings, parks, art galleries, and event spaces. The city is also considered the Latin American capital of great cuisine, thanks to its high-end international restaurants and sophisticated regional dishes prepared by highly respected Brazilian chefs.

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How to get there

By plane

Guarulhos International Airport operates flights from several cities around the world. If you are going to São Paulo from another city in Brazil, you can also fly to Congonhas Airport.

By bus

Tietê Bus Terminal operates routes from every country in South America and most cities in Brazil.

Personal vehicles or rentals

If you are driving to São Paulo, the main routes include Dutra, Castelo Branco, Raposo Tavares, Fernão Dias, Anhanguera/Bandeirantes, and Régis Bittencourt highways, which are some of the most important national and state highways in Brazil.

Florianópolis (SC) – Where magic is born

Florianopolis, or Floripa as locals call it, is known as the Magic Island of Brazil. Its charm and scenic wonders will enchant visitors. Digital nomads will find the island to be the perfect destination to work remotely as it has the ideal balance of a calm and adventurous environment.

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How to get there

By plane

Hercílio Luz International Airport operates domestic and international flights.

By bus

Florianopolis Bus Station is located in the central region of the city. Several bus companies operate over 500 routes to and from destinations in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina.


To apply for a visa, the interested party must present the following documents to the authority consulate, among others that the Brazilian authorities may require:

1 - Valid travel document or other documents that proves your identity and

nationality, under the terms of the treaties to which the country is a party;

2 - Health insurance valid in the national territory;

3 - Proof of payment of consular fees;

4 - Completed visa application form;

5 - Proof of means of transport for entering the national territory;

6 - Criminal record certificate issued by the country of origin or, at the discretion of the

consular authority and according to the peculiarities of the country where the visa was

requested, equivalent document; and

7 - Documents proving the status of a digital nomad.

How to register?

The registration, with the issuance of the National Migration Registration Card (CRNM), is mandatory for immigrant holders of temporary visas or holders of temporary residence permits. The immigrant who enters Brazil with a temporary visa must apply for registration at any Federal Police unit within 90 days of arrival in the country.

The immigrant who obtains the temporary residence permit in Brazil will have a period of 30 days after the publication of the approval to apply for registration at the Federal Police unit in their domicile.