Fashion accessories every girl should own
December 6, 2017 | 5:42 PM
by Antara Bose

Now that we’ve got our wardrobe basics in place, this week we plunge into evergreen accessories that won’t go out of style. Do you have them all?

A pair of black or nude (or both) pumps

It’s a sin to not own one of these. These timeless essentials will see you through so many different occasions — from workdays to late night parties, from weddings to red carpet events, and from coffee with the girls to formal dinners with the partner. The key is to get a pair that is comfortable. Pick sturdy heels that won’t make you feel like balancing is a challenge. When it comes to style, make sure they aren’t too pointy at the toes and aren’t adorned with too many embellishments.

Ballet flats or luxe loafers

Ballet flats have been evergreen but the recent trend is the luxe loafers. If you have caught on, by all means, flaunt those loafers. But if you are one of those who still think it’s too manly for a lady, just go and get some more ballet flats to prove they are still equally fashionable. And they are!

Belts that really hold it together

Buckles or no buckles, metal or chord, fat or skinny, a collection of belts that actually serve its purpose are essential. You could use it to keep your pants in place, to accentuate your silhouette or simply as a fun accessory to jazz up an otherwise monotone outfit.

A fancy watch

If you’re a watch aficionado, you’d be rejoicing right now because this is one accessory I’d say ‘splurge on’. Even if you are not into watches, it’s worth investing in at least one exquisite watch that you can really show off.

A statement necklace

Add life to your everyday dress with one of these. Just keep in mind to go subtle with your other accessories. This single piece is meant to say a lot and shouldn’t have to compete with any other distraction.

A designer bag

Alright, another one of those ‘spurge’ items! There is nothing wrong with having an assortment of bags shopped off the streets from around the world, but you must invest in a good quality handbag (and that doesn’t necessarily mean leather – go vegan) that you can carry to formal events. A lady is judged by the bag she carries, or so they say. Sigh, shallow world.

Diamond studs

It could jolly well be faux diamonds too, though we’d still say ‘nothing like the original’. But a pair of simple solitaire studs can complement any dress, and oh so elegantly that too. You can wear them big or small, as long as you can get them to catch the light and sparkle to that unmistakable brilliance.


If utilitarian is what you are looking for, never shy away from picking up a scarf that catches your eyes. Larger ones work as shawls, medium-sized ones are good as shrugs, and petite printed ones look great as headscarves (in case you are having a bad hair day). What’s more, the extra large ones, with a few knots here and there, can double as a bag too.

A stylish pair of sunglasses

Yes, we’ve heard about the tortoise shell inspired sunglasses and we agree they’re definitely trending. But we’re talking more about classics — Wayfarers or Aviators, maybe? Basically, not the styles that come in fad and die down three months later. Sunglasses are face-shape specific, so find one that really suits your face cut.

Hoop earrings

Chunky or sleek, oversized or small, beads or feathers – earrings come in all forms. So it can be a little overwhelming at times to pick the right match. In such situations, hoops are the way to go. They match with everything, come in various styles and even a variety of colours. A pair of gold or silver hoops can complement anything from your casual jeans and tee to a fancy evening dress.

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings can be a real conversation starter and if you ask me, I’d say ‘the more the merrier’! But if you want to invest in one exclusive piece, take your time and find a piece whose design truly reflects your taste in style.

A summer hat

If you’re trying to portray ‘summer’ in a photo, just throw in a hat. They make the perfect picture – next to your flip-flops, with your beachwear or hanging with that vibrant tote bag. And oh, when you actually wear it, it helps protect against the harmful sunrays too. But coming back to fashion, straw hats are evergreen. And then there are the foldable cloth hats that come in so many more colours and are so much easier to pack. The choice is yours. — [email protected]

Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. A popular blogger, anchor, and voice over artist, she maintains a deep connection with the local fashion and travel industry and is passionate about discovering and celebrating aspiring talent as well as promoting animal rights. For fashion updates with a side of humour and sarcasm follow Antara on instagram @antarabose and on Facebook (Antara Bose)

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