Khoula Hospital launches virtual digital clinic

Oman Monday 07/November/2022 20:45 PM
By: Times News Services
Khoula Hospital launches virtual digital clinic

Muscat: Khoula Hospital announced the launch of the virtual digital clinic, which helps empower the health sector with advanced digital solutions.

 Khoula Hospital said in a statement: Today, Khoula Hospital, represented by the Pain Management Department, launched the Virtual Digital Clinic. During which it received medical advice in cooperation with Dr Niloy, a senior consultant physician at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

A remote communication was made between the patient in Khoula Hospital and the doctor in the United Kingdom, and then he was briefed on the patient's health file and the contents of x-rays and immediate data, which effectively contributed to the development of the appropriate treatment plan.

Work is underway to expand the scope of benefit, in cooperation with the Sultanate’s hospitals, in exchanging remote medical consultations according to the drawn plan.