Conference aims to promote mutual acceptance and peaceful coexistence

Oman Monday 07/November/2022 17:45 PM
Conference aims to promote mutual acceptance and peaceful coexistence

Muscat: The international conference “United Human Values and Sustainable Development for All” will kick off on 16 November 2022, simultaneously with marking the International Day for Tolerance and within the framework of the projects “United Human Values” and “Message of Peace”.

The conference aims to promote mutual acceptance and peaceful coexistence among different communities and groups through “activities in the scientific, cultural and artistic or communication fields”.

Dr. Mohammed Said Al Ma’amari, Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs gave a statement during the press conference held here today saying that the international conference includes four panels. Those panels are “From Theory to Practice: United Human Values, Connecting Cultures, and Supporting Sustainable Development”, “Pushing the Wheel of Sustainable Development: Practical Examples of United Human Values and Cultural Diversity”, “The Role of Women in Fostering United Human Values and Accelerating Sustainable Development” and “The Role of Youth: Consolidating United Human Values and Leading Sustainable Development”.

Al Ma’amari added that the accompanying programmes and events of marking the International Day for Tolerance include the Photovoice programme with the participation of a group of Omani and international youth (Muslims and Christians). The Photovoice programme aims to train young people in effective dialogue between religions and cultures using photography.

The events also include the Youth Programme with the participation of 20 young men and women from different countries and backgrounds. The programme provides and exceptional opportunity for young people from around the world to participate in a training programme focused on intercultural dialogue.

Another event is the Youth Programme with the participation of a group of Omani and children of different nationalities living in Oman. This event provides an artistic experience for children through their participation in drawing paintings that express the values of coexistence and understanding.

Al Ma’amari further said that the conference includes a campaign codenamed “Act for Tolerance” that aims to promote united human values through various arts. It also comprises two exhibitions. The first is the “Message of Peace” international exhibition that seeks to deliver the cultural and civilizational experience of the Sultanate of Oman to the world by presenting a civilized model of coexistence, understanding and peacebuilding. The second is “Shadow Art” exhibition which displays artistic works that employ light and shadow to create images expressing united human values.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdullah Nasser Al Harrasi, Minister of Information, affirmed that the international conference titled "United Human Values and Sustainable Development for All" reflects innate human values and the State’s permanent approach in Oman. This approach is a constant feature inherently tangible in Omani media content that is based on the concept that the value of fraternity, harmony and peace collectively form solid grounds of human development in its comprehensive sense.

During the press conference, the Minister of Information pointed out that Oman’s Message of Tolerance and Peace has extended to cover the issues of climate and the relationship between humans and nature. This goal is embodied in protecting the environment and avoiding damaging it.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in collaboration with several public and private entities, the “Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers” and several international organizations and institutions.

The “United Human Values” project is based on three determinants which are reason, justice and ethics. Through the project, a plan of action is offered to the world “to help the world to achieve resurgence and seek a nuanced life; where people live on the basis of dignity, fundamental rights and tranquillity.” The project focuses on three key directives pertaining to individual human behavior; namely: “promoting the culture of peace, mutual understanding and respect and appreciation of life”, “Assuring people that their identities and private lives will be protected” and “Enhancing the values of community partnership and social values”.

Meanwhile, the “Oman’s Message of Peace” exhibition project reflects the culture of harmony and tolerance in the Sultanate of Oman and works to promote dialogue between various religions and sects in the world, with a focus on the Sultanate of Oman’s well-established experience in religious tolerance, mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.