We Love Oman: 6 places to see in Jalan

Oman Wednesday 02/November/2022 22:01 PM
By: Erin Coyle
We Love Oman: 6 places to see in Jalan

While some places are pretty famous in Oman, other off-the-radar cities are worth visiting. Jalan is one of those places that has more to offer than what meets the eye. I have been to Jalan several times, visiting camel and horse shows, visiting a castle, and some villages. There always seems to be something new to discover. Check out the list below of six places to visit in Jalan.

Saiq Village
Saiq Village in Al Kamil is quiet with friendly people. The farms inside are full of palm and date trees. It is possible to walk around the farms, but take some time to go through the dry wadi to reach the turquoise pool of water. Keep following the falaj inside the farm until it ends, and walk for about fifteen minutes around unique boulders and small rocks. Enjoy swimming in the refreshing water surrounded by palm trees and mountains. Having a picnic afterward is an excellent option.

Jalan Fort
Located in Jalan Bani Bu Hassan, the fort is worth a trip. Walk through the various rooms and learn that the fort has three towers. Go through the many rooms, including the date storage, coffee, and prison rooms. Head upstairs to take in some views of the mountains, making for a great picture.

Darwaza Al Wafi
When driving up, there's a gateway to the village. I enjoy walking around traditional villages and looking at mud homes. The village is small and takes around ten to fifteen minutes to go around if you like taking pictures as I do. Or, if time is a factor and you want to pass by to look, drive for a few minutes down the main road.

Falaj Al Mashayikh

When first arriving here, both sides of the road are filled with farms and large palm and date trees. It is possible to get out to take a look at the farms. Keep going down the road, and eventually, visitors will reach the desert. For those with a four-wheel, continue driving to the dunes and, from here, catch the views of the farms and trees. I didn't have a four-wheel when I came here, but the views before the desert are beautiful, especially when driving down the road with palm trees hovering on both sides, giving the allure of what is at the end of the road. A good time to come is just before sunset.

Al Hmooda Castle
I have visited this castle a few times. While there is no information about the castle, it is still lovely to look around. The imagination can decide which rooms were what at a particular time. Exploring the castle is also an excellent way to see the traditional material used to build this castle. You can spend as much or as little time here.

Camel and horse race shows
Soon it will be time for camel and horse races and shows. Jalan and Al Kamil will have these events. For the horse shows, the riders usually show off different techniques, such as standing on the horse or leaning near the ground while holding on to the horse's rein. There will always be dancing and singing before the events. Check the paper for more information.

Whether you have a few hours or a whole day, take the time to see what Jalan offers. Some may be surprised by the villages, castles, fort, and farms leading up to the desert. Make sure to add Jalan to the list of places to visit.

( The writer is a contributor and the views expressed in the article are her own,)