Sohar Port and Freezone launches its new ‘Routescanner’ platform

Business Wednesday 02/November/2022 15:22 PM
By: Times News Service
Sohar Port and Freezone launches its new ‘Routescanner’ platform

Muscat: Sohar Port and Freezone has launched its new ‘Routescanner’ platform, an integrated global shipping route planner that will allow shippers and forwarders to view all available shipping routes in a single easy-to-use platform.

Designed to make supply chains more efficient, transparent and sustainable, Routescanner allows users to display all routes via Sohar using the Sohar Direct Connection feature, build custom routes, show the fastest routes via seaports, inland locations, road and rail and choose options with the lowest CO2 emissions.

Developed by the Port of Rotterdam, Routescanner aims to optimise supply chains through end-to-end planning, while improving transparency and allowing shippers throughout the industry to make smarter choices. The platform is built upon a global harmonised database of more than 4,000 terminals worldwide, showing transit times, estimated departure and arrival times, all available logistics partners and CO2 emissions for each route.

Digital tools are an increasingly important element in managing business relationships and Routescanner will empower clients to select the most efficient connections to and from Sohar.

More than 160 operators and carriers from around the world have already joined the Routescanner platform, which will further enhance our logistical capabilities and benefit the entire shipping industry by delivering greater visibility throughout the supply chain, driving growth at Sohar by highlighting the most direct routes and speeding up transit times for goods around the world. Sohar is a pioneer in the digital transformation of Oman’s logistics sector and one of the fastest-growing fully integrated industrial and logistics hubs in the world.