Upon His Majesty's orders, annual convening of Shura Council begins on 6 November

Oman Tuesday 01/November/2022 16:10 PM
Upon His Majesty's orders, annual convening of Shura Council begins on 6 November

Muscat: Following the orders of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, the Shura Council (Majlis A’Shura) will open sessions of its Annual Sitting (2022-2023) for the 9th Term (2022-2023) on the 6th of November, in application of Article (38) of Oman Council Law.

Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Al Nadabi, Secretary General of the Shura Council, said in a statement that the Council is set to discuss the plans of its permanent committee: the legislative and legal committee, the economic and financial committee, the health and environment committee, the education, higher education and research committee, the services and social development committee, the youth and human resources committee, the food security committee and the media and culture committee.

Al Nadabi added that the session will discuss ministerial statements of the last annual convening, the Economic and Financial Committee’s report on the mining sector, the establishment of an Omani investment centre and the government's plan to deal with revenues accrued from the difference in the estimated budget price global oil prices.

The meeting will discuss title deeds for housing and residential and agricultural land plots and the expansion of powers of branches of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning in governorates, said Al Nadabi.

He explained that the session will also touch on the State Budget draft for the year 2023, which was forwarded by the government to the council and is being studied by the Economic and Financial Committee.