Ali Al Mani appointed general manager of Alizz Islamic Bank

Business Tuesday 01/November/2022 12:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Ali Al Mani appointed general manager of Alizz Islamic Bank

Muscat: Alizz Islamic Bank announced the appointment of Ali Saif Al-Mani as the General Manager of Alizz Islamic Bank.

Ali Al-Mani is an outstanding Omani talent in the banking sector with 21 years of professional experience in both Islamic and traditional banking including retail, corporate, operations, finance, project management digital solutions and management.

Before joining Alizz Islamic Bank, Al Mani held several leading positions in Different institutions and his last position was as a capacity of Deputy CEO at National Finance Company.

He also held as the Head of Retail Banking Services at Qatar National Bank Oman and the Head of Sales at Bank Nizwa, National Bank of Oman including the Head of Alternative distributions and the Head of Central Operations. Al Mani has always endeavoured to develop performance by innovating products as well as financial and banking solutions, improving services, enhancing customer experience and operations, bringing down costs and maintaining sustainability for all business activities.

Al Mani holds a Master’s degree in Innovation, Leadership and Management from York University – United Kingdom. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Applications & Internet from the University of Bedfordshire– United Kingdom, in addition to several qualifications and training courses specialised in banking and finance.

Commenting on Ali Al Mani’s appointment as the General Manager of Alizz Islamic Bank, Sulaiman Hamad Al-Harthi, the CEO, said, “We are keen to select the most qualified personnel that fulfil the requirements of the roles assigned to them. Ali Al-Mani is one of the most highly reputable Omani talents in the banking sector and we believe he will add significant value to the organisation and help our evolution and progress to maximise returns on the assets of Alizz Islamic Bank.”

Al Harthi added, “On the other hand, Ali will seek to enhance effectiveness by developing and reinforcing strategies, structures and operations for greater influence and contribution to the success of Alizz Islamic Bank’s programmes either for the institutional programmes or those aimed to grow the local economy based on our firm belief that institutional success leads to success in society overall. The procedures adopted by the bank have guaranteed adaptability in a volatile, competitive economic environment and turn, reinforced our standing as a leading institution of Islamic banking in the Sultanate of Oman. In addition, we continue to grow a key business using strategic plans for both retail banking and wholesale banking.”