Explore illusions at this new Oman museum
November 27, 2017 | 8:41 PM
by Times News Service
The Museum of Illusions was formally inaugurated at the Muscat Grand Mall on Monday. Photo-Sahbin E

Muscat: Ever seen a person transforming into a giant right before your eyes? Or imagine you are walking through a tunnel, and it suddenly becomes a vortex, making you dizzy and disoriented.

You do not have to be in a fantasy fiction to experience these things.

The Museum of Illusions, which was formally inaugurated at the Muscat Grand Mall on Monday, will give you a first-hand experience of these things. However, the facility has been functional since November 21.

The museum houses more than 70 exhibits that mostly use optical illusions, including holograms, to produce an interactive and educational experience.

The Museum of Illusions is a Croatian franchise, sponsored by the Global Development and Investment LLC in Oman.

Tickets are priced at OMR4.9 for adults, OMR3.5 for children and OMR13 for a family of four.

The museum offers a range of games, puzzles and activities, which are suitable for people of all ages.

The Ames room, stereograms, the mirage and the infinity room are some of the attractions on display.

Muathar Al Wahaibi, Director and owner of the museum, expressed confidence that the people of the city would find it an attractive place to visit. “I hope that our museum will turn into a new tourist destination in Muscat. We have had more than 3,000 visitors since November 21 when we first opened it.

“People of all ages will find this place interesting, but children in the age group of eight to 15 years will find it especially intriguing, as they are still studying science at school,” he noted.

“Besides optical illusions, there are auditory and tactile (related to touch) illusions. In our museum, we aim to utilise all the three senses,” he added. Wahaibi hoped that the museum would inspire other young Omanis to pursue entrepreneurship, create jobs and contribute to the development of the Sultanate.

Hazza Al Bulushi, who brought his wife and children to the Museum of Illusions, remarked: “I found the place to be a new experience. It is quite interesting.”

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