Royal Hospital performs rare thoracic and esophageal surgeries

Oman Wednesday 12/October/2022 12:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Hospital performs rare thoracic and esophageal surgeries

Muscat: For the first time, the Royal Hospital has performed advanced laparoscopic operations in thoracic and esophageal surgeries.

According to the Oman News Agency (ONA) the Royal Hospital in cooperation with the Department of General Surgery and the National Center for Cardiac Medicine and Surgery, was able, for the first time in the hospital, to perform a range of surgeries represented in the limited intervention of advanced laparoscopic operations in thoracic and esophageal surgeries.

These included laparoscopic resection of the lung lobe, laparoscopic esophageal resection, laparoscopic resection of the thymus gland, in addition to the resection of a tumor in the trachea stem.

Performing these operations is a great addition to the surgical departments of the Royal Hospital by dealing with various cases and benign and malignant tumors in the chest area.

Dr. Yassin Mohammed Al Lawati, a consultant Thoracic and Upper Gastrointestinal surgeon at the Royal Hospital, said that there are many health and surgical services that will be provided by the thoracic and esophageal surgery unit, which it is hoped will serve large segments of society.

 He also said : "There are many educational aspects that will be worked on, such as strengthening the environment for research and scientific studies, and training resident surgeons on local surgery programs."

" The surgical team works according to an integrated work system with various other specialties, such as the team responsible for the operating room, anesthesiologists and intensive care doctors, various nursing teams, radiologists, oncologists, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and histologists, to ensure the evaluation of cases and the provision of appropriate and correct surgical solutions to each case, " Dr Yassin Al Lawati added.

Al Lawati stated that advanced laparoscopic operations in general have become one of the leading operations in various disciplines because of their direct impact in relieving pain after surgeries and improving recovery stages, and provided the opportunity to reduce the patient’s stay in hospitals and thus the possibility of returning to normal life for the patient faster compared to open operations.