Mazoon Dairy participates in the third edition of Oman Science Festival as Silver Sponsor

Roundup Tuesday 11/October/2022 13:42 PM
By: Times News Service
Mazoon Dairy participates in the third edition of Oman Science Festival as Silver Sponsor

Muscat: Among Oman’s pioneering projects in food security, Mazoon, the Sultanate’s flagship dairy company, is participating in the third edition of the Oman Science Festival as a silver sponsor.

 The Oman Science Festival 2022, which is being held at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre till the 15th of October, returns after a gap of two years due to the pandemic, with the theme, With Science, We Meet Again.

 The Mazoon Dairy Project is based on a number of scientific, engineering, and technical principles. At Mazoon, milk and its derivatives are produced using the latest and most advanced methods, which ensures that the product is delivered to consumers in a timely and safe manner.

 The Mazoon Dairy corner at the Science Festival features information on how raw milk is handled, pasteurized, manufactured, and transformed into dairy products and derivatives, along with a few of the key devices and machines that are essential in the production of the same.

 Among the important devices that are displayed at the Mazoon Dairy stand are the Pasteurizer, which eliminates pathogens, purifies the milk and maintains its quality, and the Homogenizer, which integrates milk components, breaks down the milk fat into smaller particles using high pressure, and preserves the product’s shelf life. The stand also features a Lactoscan Milk Analyzer which quickly analyses the percentages of milk components, an Acidity meter (pH meter) to measure the acidity and alkalinity of the product, and finally a sugar analyzer (Brix meter), to analyze the sugar levels in the product.

 The Mazoon stand, also stages interactive activities and competitions to help the festival’s young visitors learn about the latest technologies used in the processing of raw milk, as well as its manufacturing and packaging. By participating in the festival, Mazoon aims to raise awareness among the youth of the importance of including milk and dairy products in their diet so as to maintain good health, as dairy contains important nutrients, including vitamins and minerals like calcium and protein.

 Being one of the most technologically advanced dairy companies in the GCC, Mazoon Dairy aims to deliver fresh and nutritious products to every home, hotel, restaurant and café in Oman. In addition to producing high-quality products for the Sultanate, and raising the local dairy industry standards to support and develop the same, Mazoon Dairy is dedicated to playing a key role in creating sustainable communities throughout Oman and the GCC.