Don't fly balloons to celebrate National Day: Environment ministry
November 15, 2017 | 10:55 AM
by Times News Service
Image used for illustrative purpose.

Muscat: If you're planning on letting fly with balloons to celebrate National Day, think again.

Oman's Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs has issued a statement asking residents not to fly balloons to celebrate this weekend.

The notification said: "In recent times, a message has been sent through social media inviting people to fly balloons bearing the colours of the Sultanate's flag to celebrate the National Day."

"The idea was beautiful, but these balloons when falling into the sea will adversely affect the safety of the marine environment, as well as the damage to the land," the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs added in their statement.

"Therefore, we call on everyone to stop promoting these ideas and to simply express their happiness by raising flags in the appropriate places that do not adversely affect the environment and do not cause disturbance of the public view," the announcment noted.

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