Texas church reopens as memorial to victims
November 14, 2017 | 12:35 PM
by Times TV

The Texas church where a gunman massacred more than two dozen people last week has reopened as a memorial, giving the public its first glimpse inside.

Mourners gathered at the modest Texas church Sunday, one week after a gunman burst in and massacred more than two dozen worshipers.

The church has reopened as a memorial, giving the public its first glimpse of where the worst mass shooting in Texas history unfolded.

PASTOR FRANK POMEROY, SAYING: "I know every one who gave their life that day, some of which were my best friends, one my daughter..."

The pastor's 14-year-old daughter was among the 26 men, women, and children who were killed by gunman Devin Kelley.

White chairs placed throughout the church marked the spot where a victim's body was found.

Each decorated with a single rose and the victim's name.

Texas Senator John Cornyn was among those who attended Sunday's memorial service.

TEXAS SENATOR JOHN CORNYN, SAYING: "... to see Pastor Pomeroy and his wife there having lost their 14-year-old daughter and to hear his inspirational words. I saw him standing there at the front of the church comforting others and he lost his 14-year-old daughter. It's remarkable."

Funerals have begun for the victims. Four were buried on Sunday.

The others will be laid to rest this week.

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