For anyone with a sweet tooth, this means a true feast
November 13, 2017 | 6:30 PM
by Times News Service
Have caramelized pistachio cake at the Crowne Plaza Salalah.

Executive Pastry Chef, Manju Dharmarathne from Crowne Plaza Salalah shares his delectable cake recipe.



Pistachio sponge recipe

• 312g marzipan

• 63ml water

• 6 egg yolks

• 6 egg whites

• 75g sugar

• 125g flour

• 63g pistachio powder

• 63g melted butter

• Food colour (green)

Filling recipe

• 400 ml fresh cream

• 200g dark chocolate

• 200g white chocolate

• 120ml fresh cream

• 60g brown sugar

• 50g butter


Mix the water and marzipan well in a mixing bowl. Then put the egg yolk one by one, make the meringue with egg white with sugar, then mix the flour and pistachio in to marzipan, and mix the meringue and melted butter also in the marzipan, add some green food colour. Bake at 180°C for 25 to 30 minutes.

Warm the 200ml fresh cream and mix with dark chocolate. Warm the 200ml fresh cream and mix with white chocolate, 100ml fresh cream, sugar, and butter cook together until it becomes thick and caramelised.

Cut the sponge and sandwich with dark chocolate ganache and caramel coated with green colour white chocolate ganache.

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