Indian construction worker found dead in Oman

Business Tuesday 28/June/2016 14:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Indian construction worker found dead in Oman

Muscat: An Indian construction worker lay dead inside a toilet cubicle for two days before police found him.
“Lachaiah Tangallapelly went missing on Friday evening. His roommates assumed that he might have gone somewhere else. "However, as he didn’t turn up for duty on Sunday morning, we informed the police and they found the body lying in a toilet inside the camp,” a senior official from the company said.
Lachaiah was missing since June17 and was found dead in one of the toilets on June 19 by the police team. His roommates and a camp official were taken into custody by the police, but were later released.
“The body is in such a decomposed stated that it cannot be embalmed for repatriation. Hospital authorities have told us that the body is not in a condition to be embalmed,” the senior official while adding that they have plans to provide airfare for the family to fly to Oman from India to attend the victim’s final rites.
Manpreet Singh, the Indian embassy counselor in Salalah, also said that as the body is in bad condition it would be cremated here in Oman.
Meanwhile, Bheem Reddy Mandha, a migrants’ rights activist from Andhra Pradesh, told Times of Oman by phone that if the body cannot be repatriated it is better to cremate it in Oman.
“Moreover, instead of spending money on airfare to fly the family to Oman, the company can remit the money in the name of the family which can help them. I am in touch with family, the Indian embassy and company officials and will talk to family about the company proposal,” Reddy added.
Lachaiah is survived by his wife and two sons aged 21 and 17.