Timeless Fashion Picks in Oman

Roundup Wednesday 28/September/2022 09:33 AM
By: Times News Service
Timeless Fashion Picks in Oman

The fashion choices of every country are often reflective of their culture and traditions. Your choice for clothing when travelling to Dubai would differ big time from that of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, if you plan on visiting Oman for the holidays or a work trip, be sure to pack your suitcases accordingly.

The people of Oman are in no way behind when talking about fashion. It is a perfect example of creating a balance between their cultural values and personal preferences. However, Oman follows the same trends that are currently ruling the fashion industry. The adaptations of fashion choices are molded into a more modest version yet maintaining the same chicness.

The new trends in fashion are usually originated by the latest Runway shows. The practicality of those designs into real world fashion is debatable. However, a lot of the upcoming trends are inspired by mid-18th century attire. You may also come across the same notion and advocate the influence of historic age in fashion when opening the pandora box of your late grandmother. Or some of you might’ve heard your aunts telling you about how a style statement that existed back in their adolescence has revived.

Here are some of the quintessential pieces that are a must-have in your wardrobes.

Over-sized Clothing

Fitted shirts, dresses and tops have become history now. What’s ruling the fashion domain these days, in Oman and worldwide, are easy-breezy, comfort packed yet stylish oversized clothing.

Oversized doesn’t mean putting on a sack on your body and looking shapeless. There are certain pointers one must remember to don the effortless, yet chic oversized outfit looks. Pick out pieces that define your waist, as that is key to giving you and your outfit a dimension. Brands like 6th Street and Ounass have a vast collection of over-sized shirts available. You can avail the Ounass coupon code to receive further discounts.

Whether you are wearing an oversized t-shirt or a large leather coat, look for pieces with a clinched waist or add on a belt to make the outfit look put-together.

Slouchy, boyfriend jeans are all the rage this season in Oman. Providing a modest touch to clothing and supporting its cultural values, it has been loved widely by celebrities as well as the audiences.

But balance is important. Ever heard of two negatives make a positive? Well, that isn’t applicable here. Never pair a slouchy jean with an oversized shirt. To add structure to your fit, keep the bottoms baggy and with a fitted top and vice versa. Head over to Levi’s to get edgy, yet stylish denim jeans and avail exciting discounts using on Levi’s store at 6th street, using 6th street coupon code.

Neon and Knee-Ons

Let’s be real, we have all loved earthy and neutral tones. But why was it? Coming to think of it, did we actually like neutral tones that paired well with everything? Or was it just an excuse for playing the field safe? Well, fashion these days have greatly evolved, giving liberty to its creators.

You are no more defined by fashion, instead YOU DEFINE IT. It’s all about embracing the uncertainties by experimenting with the colors of life. And adding brightness seems to work well.

Hop on the bandwagon of exploring what is your style and add a pop of color. Whether wearing a hot pink Co-Ord set, or plain black overalls with neon green boots, be bold and be you.

Bright colors and neon are here to stay in Oman, so stack up your wardrobes with your favorite hues that compliment you most, and catwalk your way through life.


Have antique jewelry pieces of your great grandmother in your Mom’s dressing? Now is the perfect time to utilize them. The fashion industry, at the moment, is big on being extra without doing much and statement accessories are the answer to acing the looks.

With the rich and exquisite jewelry pieces in Oman, you are sure to stun the crowds at any event. Not just that, Oman has leveled up its fashion game and entered the premier leagues by being fully glam from fingertips to the toes.

With the new breathable nail polish and art kits, it has left the religious conflict in the past, allowing women to pursue their love for fashion. French and neon fingernail tips, artsy gel nails and sparkles and diamantes are second love for fashion enthusiasts. To get full glam, profession looking fingernails by yourself at home and save a few bucks, you can use the Beyond Polish coupon code on its official website. Easy on the clothing, go big on the accessories, is the eternal fashion secret of Oman.

Platform Heels

Gone are the days where  is about pain and endurance. The fashion industry is ruled over by the likability of audiences. And the audiences have shown their precedence to comfort over looks and foot aches. Buying best massage guns to ease the excruciating foot pain caused by heels worn the previous night, is a good alternative but inconvenient for many.

Bowing down to what majority likes, you didn’t think Oman forgot about footwear when upping their fashion game, did you? Footwear designers in Oman have come up with stiletto heels ensuring a pain-free, fun-filled night to all its customers. Platform Heels, however, have been a winner! Different colors, shapes and sizes of platform heels are hitting the markets, whilst making the feet of dancing with joy.

Fashion Industry has surely redefined its design process, keeping in mind the practicality of the trends. And seeing how Platform heels check all the boxes: comfort, height and style, this trend is surely here to stay for a while.