GlamHomes plans big for cricket growth in Oman

Sports Tuesday 27/September/2022 19:13 PM
By: Times News Service
GlamHomes plans big for cricket growth in Oman

Muscat: GlamHomes Cricket Team, which is going to participate in the A-Division league of the Oman Cricket, starting from 15th of October, 2022 organised a launch event in the presence of Indian Ambassador Amit Narang, the chief guest of the event.

The event was attending by the top management of more than 50 corporates. The team is managed by B&M Events and its owner Imran Behlim was all praise for the growth of the team.

GlamHomes is the new title sponsor for the team from this season and its owner Idris Solanki suggested that he had big plans to invest for the development of this team. "Cricket is my passion and we have a very good side. I expect the best of players in Oman to drop a sweat, just with the thought of playing with us. We are a very balanced side and we expect to dominate, " he said.

The India's Ambassador said: "I am more than impressed by the growth of cricket in Oman in the last 5 years. Already a lot of international teams have started to consider Oman just like their home ground. Should International franchises come into Oman, it would be a massive boost. Our best wishes to the entire team and we hope that, this upcoming season is a major factor for growth of this team."

GlamHomes looks to go International

The team management announced at the event that they had contacted many International franchises last year, in an effort to unite with them. Currently, the team is focused in implementing these suggestions, so that it can be the first ever international franchise in the future.

Benefits of going International

Pranav Mehta (Team Co-Owner) suggested that, a tie up with these international franchises would be a massive boost for us. Not only in terms of us being able to interest bigger sponsors, but with the addition of their players, who would give us a massive boost cause of their experience. This tie up, would make us a specialized cricket club and hence we will target to participate in the intra-club championships, which are already a popular aspect in our neighboring countries. The most important aspect is that, our players would get a lot of exposure and self-belief.

Ahmed Khan (Team Co-Owner) suggested that, from my perspective, Globalisation and diversification is of prime focus to major organisations in this world. These big league franchises have a lot to gain with these tie ups.

What all franchises are interested?

It all started with one Indian and one Pakistani franchises. But the news has spread quite quickly and now we have 2 Indian, 2 Pakistani and 1 Bangladeshi franchise as well. There is a 6th franchise as well, but we haven’t been able to have a clear conversation with them.

Pranav Mehta added, I wouldn’t be wrong in stating that, last season, we were the only team current playing International franchise cricket. Namely, Inzamam Ul Haq, Kashif Ali and Dean Foxcroft. All these 3 players were actively involved with Kashmir Premier League and Pakistan Super League.

Captain Ahmed Khan said that the event was a grand success with it being graced by local audience. This is definitely the first of its kind and should the team be able to get any kind of success, then it will definitely help boost local cricket. We are very optimistic about being a big stepping stone to development and interests of international franchises in Oman, and we are working very closely under the guidelines of the parent body Oman Cricket, when it comes to hard ball cricket.