Sharjah's forum explores solutions to pressing global issues

World Sunday 25/September/2022 19:35 PM
Sharjah's forum explores solutions to pressing global issues

Sharjah: Pressing humanitarian, economic, and social issues and innovative solutions will be the focus of the 11th International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) in Sharjah.

The "Challenges and Solutions" forum, on September 28-29 will feature 12 activities led by more than 50 experts and intellectuals.

The opening day of the annual event organized by the International Government Communication Centre (IGCC) - an initiative of Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) - will be launched with "Media Curriculum Session: Theoretical Reality and the Labour Market."

The session will discuss the suitability of mainstream journalism and media curricula in meeting the requirements of the labour market and will formulate recommendations to achieve aspects of development required to be in line with current needs.

The brainstorming session ‘Entrepreneurs’ challenges Who has the solutions?’ will focus on the economic changes and technological developments that are posing challenges for entrepreneurs. Ideas shared by speakers will be a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and incentivise them to take steps to keep pace with the entrepreneurial environments at the domestic, regional and global levels.

The ‘Writing Room’ project comprises a series of workshops aimed at discovering promising new talents and providing them with the opportunity to develop their writing skills, as well as work on sustainable strategies by qualifying and training content writers.

The "Generational Dialogue: Media Experiences and Knowledge" discussion will allow students of journalism and media faculties to benefit from the expertise and experience of Arab media officials who will share their visions and perspectives and will answer questions from the audience.

The brainstorming session "Shaping a new world for refugees" will deliberate ways of integrating refugees into societies to fulfill their aspirations to enjoy a decent life.

The session will also discuss innovative solutions to tide over the economic crises resulting from the burden of seeking refuge and highlight ways to establish sustainable projects that balance the needs of refugees and the communities in which they reside.

At the "Government Communication Tools and Effective Impact" workshop, participants will benefit from an interactive session highlighting effective communication skills for spokespersons including writing, reading, listening, art of presentations, and body language.

It will also highlight tools for influencing the public and delivering factual and compelling messages in the shortest and most efficient ways.

The "Job Shadowing Programme" will offer training for employees and students led by a team of experts using a hands-on approach to develop their abilities and prepare them for the job market. The programme includes five main elements: the Job Shadow Programme, News Editing, Smart Media Platform, Media Etiquette, and Social Media Page Design.

The second activity running under the title, Government Communication Chat, is a platform for interactive and innovative discourse that will bring together government officials.

It will serve as a focal point for initiating direct lines of communication between officials and the public to exchange knowledge and expertise.

The Researchers Platform is a qualitative initiative aimed at providing knowledge-related content and a database for all matters related to government communication such as research, studies, books, references and global best practices.

It seeks to become an essential reference for workers, researchers and scholars in the field as well as a platform for exchanging knowledge and research to ensure the development of domestic, regional and international government communication.

The "Project Management Skills in the Light of Government Communication" workshop will shed light on the requirements for managing projects in a more efficient and effective manner.

Participants will acquire comprehensive knowledge on all project management topics including how to select ideas and establish projects, the practical approach to scheduling and financial planning; defining scope of work and establishing teams, and the practical approach of project monitoring and control.

On Day 1 of the fourth Sharjah Youth Forum, "Youth Council’s Challenges and Opportunities" will highlight the roles and achievements of local youth councils, the most significant challenges and ways to overcome them with innovative ideas; and the role of youth in facilitating the work of youth councils.

A panel discussion, "Influencers and the Genius of Social Conditioning" will highlight how governments can use influencers as an innovative and effective modern tool to impact behavioural change in societies and to become more adaptive, balanced and in tune with the successive global developments.