Aster Medcity Excels in Robotic Surgery, Crosses 1750 successful cases

Roundup Sunday 25/September/2022 10:54 AM
By: Times News Service
Aster Medcity Excels in Robotic Surgery, Crosses 1750 successful cases

Kochi: Aster Medcity, Kochi announced the successful completion of 1750 Minimal Access Robotic Surgeries( MARS) using the da Vinchi system in an event conducted in Kochi. Being one of the most active robotic surgery centres in Kerala, Medcity performed 230 kidney transplants alone via MARS. Robotic surgeries are highly specialised and advanced minimal access procedures that are performed by surgeons with the help of a surgery robot like the da Vinci at Aster Medcity.

Being a minimal access procedure, robotic surgeries are safer and surgeons can ensure high precision results compared to conventional surgeries. The associated pain, complications, blood loss and scarring are way lesser compared to normal surgeries, which in turn translates to faster recovery. The hospital stay and post-surgery recovery period are minimal as well, and patients can get back to their normal lives in a very short time. Led by a team of highly skilled robotic surgery experts, Medcity offers robotic procedures in Urology, Gynaecology, Oncology, gastroenterology and liver transplant for patients of all ages.

“MARS is a highly advanced robotic procedure that performs minimally invasive surgeries with utmost precision. With the expertise of robotic tools, it is possible to perform operations on any sensitive part of the body with great precision. Therefore, complex surgeries can be completed very skillfully and successfully.,” says Dr. Kishore T.A

– Senior Consultant – Urology, Aster Medcity.

Aster Medcity is the first facility in Kerala to offer high-precision robotic surgeries using the da Vinci surgery system. One of the only facilities in the country to offer highly specialised robotic liver and pancreas surgery, Aster MARS is the third centre in the world to perform a robotic transvaginal renal transplant surgery and the first in India to perform a robotic kidney tumour removal.

“As a leader in the healthcare society, we own the privilege of introducing the best and most advanced treatment options available in the world. With our advances in robotic surgery, we will be able to be more responsible and implement advanced medical technologies like this in the future as well,”. This state-of-the-art facility offers our patients advanced surgical options and help them to regain and lead their normal life. With the support of Ministry of Health complex medical services similar to the present case would be done in the upcoming Aster Royal Hospital in Muscat” says Farhan Yasin, Regional Director of Aster Hospital, -Kerala & Oman Cluster.

Mr . Farhan Yasin, Regional Director, Aster Hospitals – Kerala cluster &Oman, Dr Kishore T.A , Senior Consultant Urology - Aster Medcity, Dr Mathew Jacob, Senior Consultant, Hepatobiliary Surgeon -Aster Medcity, Dr Jem Kalathil, Senior Consultant, Onco Surgery – Aster Medcity, Dr Zareena A Khalid, Senior Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology-Aster Medcity, Dr. Prakash K, Senior Consultant - Surgical Gastroenterology-Aster Medcity attended the event.