Oman dining: Special Iranian Milkshakes in Muscat
November 8, 2017 | 4:32 PM
by Salem Afifi

There’s nothing quite like a tall glass of milkshake be it any time of the day. And if you are looking for some extra flavours and freshness, then visit Sajjad Juice that specialises in milk shakes and milk-based drinks from Iran.

My chocolate and vanilla milkshake craving seems to have finally come to an end, at least for the next couple of months as I have found a place that gives me my usual creamy, milky fix but with staple flavours from the Persian land of Iran, right here in Muscat.

Though cocoa will remain a favourite choice for many shake lovers, but these sips promise to serve an interesting taste that will rock your taste buds. Sajjad Juice, a franchise from Iran and located at Al Maha Street in Al Khuwair specialises in serving a variety of milk-based drinks, desserts and other thirst-quenchers, gives you a peek into Iran’s traditional staples that inspires an all-natural lifestyle habit. The brand has more than 18 branches in Iran, and last year they opened their first branch here.

Iranians love pistachios and it is one of their favourite ingredients to add a crunchy taste to the desserts. So I was sure that this would be quite an experience.

As I entered the place, it looked like a typical juice corner with fruits displayed on the counter and tropical coloured interiors. I grabbed the menu and glanced through its pages but was unable to decide what to order. Soon a gracious waiter Ali came to assist. I asked him if he could offer me the true taste of Iran and he recommended three flavours: Dates, peanut butter, and the most talked about pistachio.

This place has a reputation for making the best pistachio milk you’ll ever taste, so it had to be one of the drinks to explore. Ali brought out my first cup of Irani-style shake. It was pistachio milk, a creamy milkshake mixed with a sweet hint of Iranian honey and blended with crashed pistachios. The drink is all you could ask for on a hot-and-dry afternoon. It was truly refreshing. Its grainy and thick texture makes it a decadent dessert.

As I cleared the cup, the second drink was placed on my table. Special dates cocktail, a thick, creamy shake made of mushed sweet dates, topped with a bunch of walnuts and shredded coconut, was quite a highlight. The sweet taste of dates mingling with creamy milk, flaky bits of coconut and crunchy nuts is to die for. Ask the waiter to slice a banana on top of it, you’ll love it.

For the final sip, I tried the peanut butter milk, a thick milkshake mixed with fresh peanut butter and honey, topped with molten vanilla ice cream and adorned with pomegranate seeds. This wasn’t my favourite but it will surely be a hit for peanut butter fans. The strong taste of peanut is tamed down by the vanilla flavours. It was a great experience and certainly a different kind of a taste, something that’s only available at Sajjad Juice. And now that you have discovered this Iranian milkshake corner, make sure to stop by for a sip. — [email protected]

Sajjad Juice

Al Maha Street, Al Khuwair 33, Bousher

+968 9016 5695

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