Revitalising Dhofar water springs to sustain water resources

Oman Monday 19/September/2022 14:37 PM
Revitalising Dhofar water springs  to sustain water resources

Sadah: Ain Maa Shirokh spring in Attah area in the Wilayat of Sadah in Dhofar Governorate is one of the most important water springs that the Ministry of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries and Water Resources has rehabilitated with the aim of developing and sustaining water resources in the wilayat.

Engineer Ali bin Bakhit Beit Saeed, Director of the Water Resources Department at the General Directorate of Agricultural, Fisheries and Water Resources in Dhofar Governorate, told the Oman News Agency that the ministry pays attention to water springs to provide and sustain water, especially in areas that suffer from water scarcity in the Dhofar Governorate.

He referred to the rehabilitation of Ain Shirokh in the Wilayat of Sadah for the first time in 1993, and then it went through several stages of maintenance after the tropical depression in 2002, indicating that the last stages of its development were in 2021, as it included the construction of two collecting basins at the source of Al Ain with different dimensions, in addition to the establishment of a large collecting basin with a capacity of 180 cubic metres, and another basin for watering livestock.

Engineer Ali Beit Saeed explained that the Shirokh water spring is always flowing, and that the rainwater of the autumn season is the main source of feeding the underground reservoirs from which the water of this spring originates, and its flow rate increases in the strong autumn seasons.

It should be noted that the people of the region in the past depended on the water of this spring for drinking and domestic uses as well as for watering livestock, and after the dawn of the blessed Renaissance and the availability of water supplies to homes, this spring remained an important resource and a tourist destination for nature lovers.