GHSO 2022 Energy Future Leaders Programme elicits strong interest from budding researchers

Roundup Monday 19/September/2022 13:24 PM
By: Times News Service
GHSO 2022 Energy Future Leaders Programme elicits strong interest from budding researchers

MUSCAT: The Energy Future Leaders Programme – organised as part of the 2022 edition of the Green Hydrogen Summit Oman (GHSO) Global Conference & Exhibition and sponsored by Oman LNG – has garnered an overwhelming response from young researchers studying at universities and colleges within and outside the Sultanate of Oman.

Entries received from some of the 120 universities locally and internationally are presently being evaluated by a ‘Technical Committee of experts. A selection of winning entries will be invited to attend this year’s Green Hydrogen Summit Oman (GHSO) Conference and Exhibition – the country’s pivotal platform showcasing national and global aspirations for the growth of a green energy based economic future. Posters highlighting their outstanding concepts and research work will be featured at the Summit. Three of these winners will go on to present their work to an international audience of dignitaries and experts during the Summit, and receive prestigious awards as well.

Commenting on the success of the Energy Future Leaders Programme, Dr Intisar Al Busaidi – Team Leader, said: “It was gratifying to receive such a large number of abstracts, many of them high quality and merit-worthy. The response from young Omani research students was particularly commendable, which was demonstrative of the deep interest that our youth have in their country’s low-carbon energy future. Going forward, we hope to build on the momentum created by this initiative to drive further interest in the green energy future among our youth.”

Generously sponsored by Oman LNG, the roughly two-month-long programme was aimed at recognizing and rewarding young talent in the renewable and green energy space that, in a matter of a few years, will find themselves on the frontlines of the international drive to decarbonize global economies. Creating a cadre of young energy professionals to serve this vitally important emerging industry is an underlying objective of the GHSO Exhibition and Conference.

Assisting Team Leader Dr Intisar Al Busaidi in the delivery of the GHSO Energy Future Leaders Programme was a team of enthusiastic student volunteers.

Sharing about his support for the initiative, Abd Alhadi Alsaadi said: “Young people are the force of the future, and developing their skills and abilities is one of the most important things that must be done to ensure a better future. I have always believed in renewable sources of energy, and it seems that green hydrogen gives a wider choice of different energy options, and this increases the enthusiasm to join this team, which aspires to hone the capabilities of ambitious students.”

Fellow team member Houd Alsaqri added: “As the world is pushing towards fighting climate change and hydrogen being one of the main solutions, I'm happy to be with the team to enhance my skills and work for something that can help the world.”

Yarub Alhadhrami stated: “The air that we breathe and the water that we drink do not know political boundaries, as everyone is affected when something bad happens to these resources. Seeing many people from different countries do their best to save the environment brings up bright hope for a green and peaceful future. I am happy to be part of the Future Energy Leaders Programme management team, as it helps me improve my skills and enrich my knowledge in the field of renewable energy.”

For Abdalaziz Al hashemi , a place on the Project Team also afforded him the opportunity to improve his management team: He said: ”The Future Energy Leaders Programme was a great chance to delve into the latest research in the green hHydrogen field from more than 200 universities around the world that have long experience in renewable energy research. Furthermore, I was excited to be on the management team of this programme as it is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in green hydrogen and also to improve my management skills.”

Hisham al sulaimi added in conclusion: “What a great opportunity to join the management team of the Future Energy Leader Programme, where more than 120 universities from around the globe are competing and sharing experiences. I hope this programme will result in excellent outcomes for the world to be a more climate-friendly place.”

Organised by Birba Energy in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, the GHSO Summit & Exhibition will be held at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center during 5 – 7 December 2022. The primary focus on Oman’s strategy to develop a world-class industry that, on the one hand, meets the energy requirements of the Sultanate’s future low-carbon economy, and on the other, serves as a major global supplier of the carbon-neutral fuel.