Aster Royal Hospital receives One More Drive for a tour in Aster Royal Hospital newest facilities

Roundup Monday 19/September/2022 10:56 AM
By: Times News Service
Aster Royal Hospital receives One More Drive for a tour in Aster Royal Hospital newest facilities

Aster Royal Hospital today welcomed members of “One More Drive”, one of the fasted growing Sport car Club based in the Sultanate of Oman.

The group, that has as it’s core value - the community support, the respect and supportive environment,went around the Hospital’s premises and sharing their greetings and best-wishes for the soft-opening.

The Club President, Mr. Salim Alfarsi, expressed his appreciation towards the Hospital’s facilities indicating that “I was positively surprised during the Hospital’s visit, starting with the staff’s hospitality and the medical equipment’s quality as well as for the high-standards of the Excellence Centers and inpatient rooms. This Hospital is clearly an added value for the Oman community and we are glad to contribute for the Hospital’s dissemination in the market. As One More Drive, we were also happy to know that this Hospital has more than 100 car parks in the 2 basements ”.

The Hospital’s Group CEO, Dr. Ashendu Pandey, stated that “I am glad to receive in Aster Royal Hospital’s newest premises such distinguished group, that stands for the society support and that preserves so well the passion and respect for the sports cars - that I also relate to - specially when applied to ride and explore the beauty and newest services in Oman. We look forward to continue our collaboration with One More Drive, supporting with special benefits their members.

Two social media influencers marked presence in this event - Sabahi bin Sulaiman and Rosh o Rama and more than 50 cars were displayed, from Lamborghini to Aston Martin, from Bentley to Porsche, Dodge, Corvette, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Jaguar and BMW.

Aster Royal Hospital counts on two underground parking area, 200 inpatient beds, bringing a total of 150 new doctors and staff members, modern technologies and infrastructure, ready for any major operation or complication with 24-hour emergency services.

Aster DM Healthcare is currently one of the largest and fastest growing conglomerates in the MENA region.