Indian citizens duped on pretext of jobs, illegally brought to Myanmar: MEA sources

World Monday 19/September/2022 06:25 AM
Indian citizens duped on pretext of jobs, illegally brought to Myanmar: MEA sources

New Delhi: Over 60 Indian nationals were duped by an international racket and were illegally brought into Myanmar, sources from the Ministry of External Affairs said.

As per the sources, the racket in Myanmar's Myawaddy was reportedly exploiting Indian citizens with offers of jobs in Thailand but they were brought illegally into Myanmar.

Myawaddy, a town in southeastern Myanmar, is not fully under the control of the Government. The Ethnic armed groups are holding sway and the Indian and several other foreign citizens are being held by them.

As per the sources, the Embassy has rescued over 30 Indian citizens trapped in the Myawaddy area and continues all efforts to get the others out as early as possible.

MEA sources said that the embassy has been working closely with the Government of Myanmar for their rescue. There are other efforts for rescuing these Indian citizens through various contacts among the business community, given that the area is not entirely under the control of the local authorities.

After this news surfaced, the Indian Embassy in Myanmar's Yangon released an advisory where it said, "The Mission has observed in the recent past that some lT companies engaged in digital scamming/forge crypto activities located in remote eastern border areas of Myanmar are recruiting Indian workers from different places through their recruiting agents on the pretext of potential employment opportunities in IT sector."

It further added that after the initial step of the recruitment process, the Indian workers were being facilitated to enter Myanmar illegally without proper documentation leading to the entrapment of Indian workers.

"In view of the above, Indian nationals are hereby requested to exercise due caution and verify the antecedents of the recruiting agents' it is advisable to have all requisite information (job description, company details, location, employment contract etc.) before accepting any employment that has been offered."