Google updates Photos app, brings collage editor, shareable Memories

Business Sunday 18/September/2022 05:36 AM
Google updates Photos app, brings collage editor, shareable Memories

Washington: American tech giant Google is seeding a big update to its Photos app, calling it the biggest update for Memories since the feature's inception in 2020.

According to GSM Arena, Google has added that Memories is very popular, netting more than 3.5 billion views per month. The feature has now been redesigned to be more dynamic. A big focus has been placed on videos and Photos will now preselect snippets of longer videos to show you. Still, images in Memories are now more immersive thanks to an automatic subtle zooming in or out.

Also, users can now share a Memory with another Photos user. The option to share a Memory through a Web link and to iOS will be coming soon. Google notes that users can still choose to omit photos of certain people or time periods from their Memories, reported GSM Arena.

Another way your Memories will be more dynamic is through Cinematic photos - Google Photos generates a moving, 3D model of your image and it will render full end-to-end videos with Cinematic photos.

Further, a much-appreciated feature is the new Collage editor. Users can finally edit their collages with different grids, move photos around, and even choose a background, Google calls it Styles, with several designs set to launch, as per GSM Arena.