Omani students make water filter that gives healthier water

Oman Monday 27/June/2016 21:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani students make water filter that gives healthier water

Muscat: A group of Omani students have invented a filter using local coconut shells to purify water, while retaining essential minerals.
In about one month, Nameer, the student-run company, will being selling the state-of-the-art water filter, according to its spokesperson. “The water that you drink usually contains much less salt and minerals, due to the filtration systems used,” he said.
“Those filters remove all necessary minerals and salts from water, therefore,the water doesn’t provide you with the important minerals that your body needs,” noted the spokesperson.
He said that, in the long run, the lack of salt in water can cause many health problems, such as osteoporosis, kidney, and heart diseases.
According to Nameer, this made-in-Oman filter has the ability to remove some salts and harmful metals, but retains the recommended amounts of minerals that are essential to the body.
“Hence, the water comes out clear and clean, and simultaneously contains all vital minerals,” he added. The environmentally-friendly filter is constructed using raw materials that are sustainable, such as coconut shells.
Students from the Higher College of Technology confirmed that no chemical additives or preservatives were used in their product,which is entirely made of natural materials.
The team of 13 joined the “sharikati” contest held by INJAZ Oman, a nonprofit organization, in which students from different Omani colleges and universities come together to form a company and create a product or a service that is neededby society.