Japan's wind power sector shines

Business Saturday 10/September/2022 10:00 AM
Japan's wind power sector shines

Tokyo: This is a windmill farm for power generation in Kamisu city of Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan. Windmills are lined up on the coast because of their ability to generate electricity because of the continuous flow of wind.

Wind energy is one of the best sources of renewable energy. A number of companies are targeting the construction, operation, and management of windmill power generation as a feasible and profitable business opportunity. A windmill with a longitudinal wing can change the angle and continue to rotate according to the strength of the wind. Boxed devices enable them to be stacked or placed horizontally.

"Japan is located in a very complicated climate area where the wind seems to be weak, but on the other hand, typhoons are coming. This wind power generation has the world's first structure to continue operation even in typhoons. I want to set this device near the town efficiently," said Katsushige Nakamura, Mitaka Kohki.

Currently, the installation of windmills on the sea is attracting attention, but Japan has geographical challenges.

This model is a vertical shaft windmill. It has an upright rotating shaft. It is available to float. The gravity of the windmill facility is low to prevent it from falling into the sea. A marine technology professor and a material manufacturer are working together to make a development.

Eisuke Fukui, Fukui Fibertech, said, "This is the concept of floating body type offshore windmill on the sea. Japan is surrounded by rias-style coast, so it is difficult to install an implanting type because the sea is deepened close to the land. To get a good wind windmills should be floated in the area of 20 kilometres off the coast or 40 kilometres away. If the windmill tilts 20 degrees, it can catch the wind most efficiently. Our company's idea is to make the top with carbon fibre and make it ultra-lightweight. It enables lightweight windmills.

A number of windmills are being installed on the seashores in Japan despite the geographical challenges.