We Love Oman: Picture-perfect setting of Bilad Sayt

Oman Tuesday 06/September/2022 22:24 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Picture-perfect setting of Bilad Sayt

Bilad Sayt is a quaint village seated at the foot of towering and dramatic Hajar mountain ranges. There are two ways to reach the Bilad Sayt — either via Nizwa, Al Hamra or via Barka, Nakhal, Wadi Bani Awf. The Nizwa route will take more time as you have to descend from Sharfat Al Alamayn and the track is dangerous because you have to drive so slowly. Even if it is only 12-15km from the view point to Bilad Sayt, it will require almost two hours. For a day trip the Wadi bani Awf route is much preferable. Starting from Muscat in the morning, you will reach there only by lunch.

With its picture-postcard perfection of terraced fields and sun-baked houses, it’s one of the prettiest villages in Oman. The villagers prefer visitors to park outside and walk in or simply view the village from a distance. A little haze blanketed the village that was built up on a hill with closely clustered homes made of mud and stone. The village is surrounded by date palms within it is terraced green fields making it look like a dream village. Jagged brown mountains surrounded and loomed over Bilad Sayt, dwarfing the whole village.
 Water gently trickled throughout the whole village via the falaj system giving it a feeling of tranquillity on top of the picture perfect setting. The panoramic beauty of the village can best be captured from afar on the drive into the village. A walk around Bilad Sayt will reveal the details of the people and their life here, secluded from the rest of the Sultanate.
Bilad Sayt’s old-world charm lies in its cluster of stone-and-mud buildings built like steps along the slope of a hill. A labyrinth of narrow ways connects these blocks, some of which are even two or three storeys high. A tower, now in ruin, stands on top of the hill overlooking the village. What is disturbing the natural beauty is a mobile telephone tower. From somewhere from these mountains flow crystal streams of water that eventually feed the village’s canal system.

Adding to the village’s rustic charm is the sight of farmers in the green fields, and womenfolk returning from the mountain springs with pots of fresh water gingerly balanced on their heads. In summer, men from the village set out early every morning to scour the nearby mountains for the bhoot tree that produces a type of sweet, purple-coloured berry. The tree usually grows along the ridges of high mountains. The villagers also collect honey stashed away by wild bees from caves and crannies in the hills. Because of its location high in the mountains of the Jabal Shams range, Bilad Sayt enjoys moderate daytime temperatures even in summer.