The Swissness that never fails to impress

Lifestyle Wednesday 31/August/2022 21:45 PM
By: Rahul Das
The Swissness that never fails to impress

From chocolates and fondue to watches, from turquoise blue lakes and green valleys to the towering snow-capped heights of the Alps, the Swissness of each never fails to inspire those consumed by wanderlust.

The chamomiles and million more wildflowers filled green Swiss meadows beckons romantic strolls, refreshing hikes and cheery picnic-time on a sunny summer afternoon.

The rich, deep chime of treicheln hanging from the cow’s neck echoes through the distant undulated countryside, ringing its century-old Swiss traditional folklores and the farmers’ cultural beliefs.

Winning the hearts of its listeners, the subtle mellow tune of the traditional wind instrument shaped like a horn with cornet- like mouthpiece – the alphorn – the resonance of which proudly stands as the national symbol of intercommunication between the alpine villages located far across, a call to the cattle to return, ceremonies and festivals.

The picturesque villages and their idyllic location are not only a grazing ground but also bountiful with what is recognised as ‘Swiss gourmet’ – the Apples. Enjoy them during the fall when they are at their juicy best.

The quaint mountain ridges descending into the valley and valleys into the deep blue lakes, exhibit the charming topography of Switzerland, weaving its natural elegance in every nook and cranny.

18 km away from Lucerne’s medieval quarter boasting its 650-year-old Chapel Bridge, awaits one of the spectacular mountain ridge of Switzerland – Mt Burgenstock – with its conifer-rich lush rolling landscape stretching over miles, offers a breathtaking view of the stunning crystal clear blue waters of Lake Lucerne and other significant mountain peaks like Mt. Pilatus.

Tucked high up the mountain of Burgenstock with a seamless 360 degree panoramic vista of Lake Lucerne and the enigmatic Alps, is the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne unfolding its luxuriously impeccable and unique hospitality, that’s generously coated with the abundance of nature that surrounds.

Bürgenstock Resort embodies extravagant recreation with a princely touch of Swiss style cordiality.

Combining the heritage and tradition that’s valued for over centuries; tourists experiencing the Bürgenstock Resort property can easily connect to the natural treasure and plunge into its man-made opulence.

A destination by itself, Bürgenstock Resort is steeped in the freshness of Swiss nature, rich history and a list of eminent clientele to its credit.

A picturesque one-hour drive from Zurich takes you to this amazing complex situated on the 500 meters cliff above Lake Lucerne and 900 meters above sea level.

From Lucerne station, the spectacular journey began. Our arrival at the Bürgenstock Resort through the charismatic Lake Lucerne was on the “cat” (catamaran boat). Hopping off the “Cat” at Kehrsiten- Bürgenstock ferry terminal, we headed to recall the history of Bürgenstock Resort’s landmark railway station dating back to 1888 and is the oldest electric funicular railways in Switzerland.

As we stepped in the compartment of the funicular that glided up the gradient through we were swept by the scenic beauty of the landscape below from inside till we reached the resort.

A must visit place in your lifetime with its exclusive views replete in serenity of nature soaked in luxury and history.

Franz Josef Bucher and Josef Durrer were the brave pioneers of the Bürgenstock Resort.

In 1871, they bought the resort property on the Bürgenberg ridge.

To this day, “The Future has a Past” is the core philosophy at Bürgenstock Resort, blending classic Swiss heritage, innovative planning and intelligent leading design.

The resort heralds a new era in Swiss hospitality. Modern and rational is found across the four luxury hotels, whilst the resort boasts of a fascinating heritage dating back to 1873.

This location has always been a lure to celebrities, from Sophia Loren, Charlie Chaplin, Sean Connery and in 1951 Audrey Hepburn was married in the Bürgenstock Chapel.

In the present day, the Resort is owned by Katara Hospitality, a global hotel owner, developer and operator, based in Qatar. With 50 years of experience in the industry, Katara Hospitality actively pursues its strategic expansion plans by investing in iconic properties in key international markets. The Bürgenstock Resort, known as a miraculous hideaway, has hosted numerous personalities and boasts of the funicular railway and the Hammetschwand Lift, Europe’s largest outdoor lift.

The Bürgenstock Resort aims to be a destination in itself, with 10 restaurants, bars and lounges, you’ll be spoilt for dining options.

Boasting of a 149-year heritage, the Bürgenstock Resort comprises 3 luxury hotels, 69 private residences, a Health & Medical Centre as well as unparalleled wellness and leisure facilities.