Ageing calls for a new skincare regime

T-Mag Wednesday 31/August/2022 12:37 PM
Ageing calls for a new skincare regime

  Skincare regime adopted in our teens no longer remains relevant in our 20s. Similarly, the products we use and the time we spend on taking care of our skin in our 20s changes in our 30s. Failing to recognise the subtle changes in our skin's needs could leave us baffled when skin problems start emerging despite our best care. When it comes to your skin, knowledge can truly be powerful.
Here are a list of things every woman in her 30s needs to know about her skin -
• The miracle of sunscreen: In the 20s, we used a sunblock primarily to avoid sunburn and tanning. But sun damage can also cause fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles to appear prematurely on the skin. That is why, in the 30s, sunscreen should become an important component of the skincare regime. Using sunscreen with SPF appropriate for mature skin every day before going out in the sun can be of great help.
 • Managing acne and fine lines together: 30s are the time for pimples and fine lines to attack skin at the same time. Trusting acne cream with benzoyl peroxide to treat acne problems is not the best option. Switch to lotions and creams which have alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxyl acids as their active ingredients. These ingredients don't kill acne-causing bacteria but exfoliate skin, thereby treating acne and fine lines at the same time.
 • Exfoliation is your saviour: One's skin can look flaky, dull and dry if not taken care of in the 30s. And the best way to avoid that look is by exfoliating religiously. A skin care regime of exfoliation twice or thrice a week is good for most skin types. You can continue to use exfoliating creams which are fruit based or organic.
 • Avoiding the crow's feet: The skin around eyes is extra delicate and dries up faster than normal. This is the reason that fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet appear near eyes faster than the rest of the face. However, using an under eye cream or gel regularly can help to avoid fine lines and dark circles effectively.
 In addition to this, the golden rule for skin care remains is that one should hydrate their skin as often as possible, and managing healthy, glowing skin in your 30s will be no problem at all!