Here's how more than 500 Ibra residents came together to celebrate Omani Youth Day
October 29, 2017 | 10:13 PM
by Times News Service
A number of activities were organised to with the participation of young people to celebrate the Omani Youth Day. Photo-Supplied

Muscat: For the second time, the residents of Ibra city at Al Sharqiyah celebrated Omani Youth Day, and held a number of activities.

"Ibra was the only state, which celebrated Omani Youth Day, by organising a festival with various activates; this season we had a competition between 300 talented and more than 500 people participated in the ‘Ibra Youth Day’ sport activities," Ahmed Al Barwany, member of the Shura Council said.

"Sporting events included a volleyball league between 18 teams, and a traditional games competition, which involved about 280 young people," Al Barwany added.

At the closing ceremony, a gift from Ibra youth to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said was unveiled, which was co-produced by 150 young people and the winners of the talent competition, which included various arts, such as drawing, graphic design, photography and sculpture, were announced."

The "Athbtohm" team song brought life to the stage; their song has reached about 10 million views on YouTube and they launched their new song for Omani youth at the ceremony.

"The various events that we hold in the state and the large participation of young people has helped increase the acquaintance between young people and motivate them to work as a team to serve the state of Oman," Al Barwany said.

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