Extracurricular activities at Modern College of Business and Science: Encouraging creativity, innovation, and transformation

Roundup Tuesday 30/August/2022 08:49 AM
By: Arwa A. Alhinai
Extracurricular activities at Modern College of Business and Science: Encouraging creativity, innovation, and transformation

Extracurricular activities have always been the haven that students escape to away from the challenges of academia. It is through this outlet that students find the means to rejuvenate themselves and refresh their minds in order to face the challenges and ordeals that come along with their academic journey. As a critical element in the journey of learning,

extracurricular activities don’t only function as a source of entertainment, but also serve as a means by which individuals can acquire transferable life skills, many of which would be useful for a lifetime. Important skills such as critical thinking, memory, problem-solving, and creativity can be acquired through such activities that can boost students’ academic performance as well as their personal development.

Since not everything can be taught through books, these activities are important to further develop the students’ interests and talents. This is a key reason the Modern College of Business and Science is keen on conducting such activities with the intention of promoting great interest and encouraging of remarkable talents to surface. In MCBS, students can channel their creativity and find an outlet that would enable them to stand out as individuals.

MCBS provides as array of extracurricular activities to choose from including entrepreneurship clubs, arts clubs, student body unions and sports. An example of this was the launch of a project called “Future Entrepreneurial Leadership” that was launched. This initiative took place on the college campus during the months of May and June in 2022, to support MCBS students and alumni business owners by providing a platform to showcase and sell their products on campus. As we gradually go back to the pre-pandemic life, videotelephony and online chat services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet continue to enable students to have a variety of ways to take part in these activities.

In addition, thanks modern technology, additional alternatives are always click away and the database team at MCBS dedicates great time and effort to ensure that students have all the technical support they need.

Numerous other activities were conducted through the virtual world such as having debate tournaments which allowed students to debate and discuss many of the current issues that are happening in the world.

One thing the pandemic managed to teach the world is: resilience. In the face of all the challenges that the pandemic hurled towards us and with the optimism that accompanies the return to normality, MCBS continues to strive to provide the highest quality of education and lifelong skills. Extracurricular activities are a pivotal aspect of learning and with the ever-evolving feature of technology, the possibilities are endless.