The Zubair Corporation organises blood donation drive

Roundup Tuesday 23/August/2022 12:35 PM
By: Times News Service
The Zubair Corporation organises blood donation drive

Muscat: The Zubair Corporation recently organized a blood donation drive next to Mitsubishi showroom and in coordination with the Department of Blood Banks Service in the Ministry of Health. The event was attended by Al Zubair Mohammad Al Zubair, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. The event also hosted Ahmed Hamad Al Kharusi, who donated more than 170 times so far, setting an example in this field.

Commenting on organizing this event, Hilal Omar Al Siyabi, Chief Corporate Services Officer at The Zubair Corporation said, “The Zubair Corporation has always believed in the necessity of aligning the economic and social activities of the business. In this context, we celebrate of again by having a blood donation drive for the Corporation’s employees. It is one of the constant activities that we are keen to have because of its important impact on the health level, and we encourage everyone capable of donating to donate as much as possible.” He added, “I take this opportunity to thank Ahmed Al Kharusi for his participation in this event, as this participation had a positive impact in inspiring the employees to follow his example in the future.”

From his side, Ahmed Al Kharusi expressed, “I am pleased to participate with The Zubair Corporation in the blood donation event, which is one of the noble practices that we strive to spread in the Sultanate. As blood donation is directly related to saving the lives of people who need this donation, and it also enhances the stock levels of blood banks in the Sultanate. Therefore, I encourage everyone to make such act a good habit that accompanies them for life, because of its importance in saving the lives of others.”

Blood donation is generally considered one of the activities beneficial to humans, as the World Health Organization confirms its positive role in increasing the activity of the bone marrow to produce new blood cells, and increase the activity of blood circulation, in addition to its role in controlling the iron level in the blood, where the imbalance of this ratio is one of the causes of heart disease and arterial blockage. Studies have also proven that those who donate their blood at least once a year are less likely to develop circulatory diseases and leukemia.

The Zubair Corporation is one of the leading companies that had a positive role in the development of the local community. For more than five decades, the Corporation has been and continues to be one of the institutions that has a wide presence in the field of serving the Omani society. The Corporation’s community initiatives vary at the level of fields and at the level of geographical area to include the various governorates of the Sultanate and all segments of society.