Tawi Ateer has many beautiful sites to visit

Oman Tuesday 09/August/2022 21:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Tawi Ateer has many beautiful sites to visit

Tawi Ateer is located 26 km away from the city centre of Mirbat and is covered with hills and vast grassy expanses that grab your eye. This tourist destination has many beautiful sites to visit such as the Teeq Cave and the Gravity Hill.

According to Oman’s Ministry of Tourism, “Tawi Ateer Sinkhole, known as the ‘Bird Well’ gained international fame after its discovery in 1997 by a team of Slovenian explorers in collaboration with Sultan Qaboos University as one of the largest solvent sinkholes in the world. This adds to the Sultanate’s rich biodiversity, its geographical and historical richness, and its historical and archaeological sites, as well as its remains of early civilisation, all of which endorse the Governorate of Dhofar as a tourist destination, and boost the various opportunities for those interested in discovery, along with nature and adventure lovers."

“The capacity of the Teeq Sinkhole is about 975 thousand cubic metres. Its diameter is between 130 to 150 metres and its depth is 211 metres.  Water flowing down the valleys has resulted in the formation of the sinkhole, with its magnificent waterfalls along the intersection with Teeq Sinkhole."

The Anti Gravity Point is a mysterious spot that remains one of the most visited sites in Salalah. Driving from Taqah to Mirbat, approximately 27km past Taqah, there is a point on the hilly road where a stopped vehicle in neutral gear will be pulled up the hill, seemingly with no regard for the laws of gravity.