Tropical depression forming in Arabian Sea

Oman Tuesday 09/August/2022 14:23 PM
Tropical depression forming in Arabian Sea

Muscat: Analyses of the latest weather charts and numeric predictions of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) point to initial indicators of a depression forming in the east of the Arabian Sea, with no direct impacts on Oman’s skies over the next few days.

CAA Meteorologist Mas’oud Al Kindi told Oman News Agency (ONA) that specialists at the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Center are following updates in the Arabian Sea. He added, “In the event any tropical depression takes shape, with probable impacts on Oman, then the CAA’s centre will issue the necessary reports alerts.”

Currently, skies are cloudy to partly cloudy along coastal areas and in Dhofar, with chances of sporadic rains over the next two days, said Al Kindi.

Al Kindi underscored the significance of CAA warning that legal action will be taken against anyone who sends or circulates weather-related alerts or warnings of weather impacts on Oman other than the statements issued by the CAA. He advised all to take information about the weather from their official sources. This, he said, will help all receive accurate information instead of depending on rumours.