Fitbit to end support for music file transfers from PC

Business Tuesday 09/August/2022 10:54 AM
Fitbit to end support for music file transfers from PC

Washington: The owners of Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, or Ionic, will soon no longer be able to transfer music from their computer to a Fitbit device.

According to The Verge, Fitbit stated, in a support page spotted by 9to5Google, that they are discontinuing their Fitbit Connect app on October 13, leaving users with only two ways to download music to their device, i.e. through a paid subscription to either Pandora or Deezer. Fitbit Connect is a companion app for Mac and Windows computers that lets you sync fitness data between devices and transfer music to legacy Fitbit devices.

The company has slowly been phasing out the software in favour of its mobile app, as it no longer recommends that users download it on its setup page.

But without access to Connect, there's no way to download music to your Fitbit without a paid subscription to either Pandora or Deezer.

On its support page, Fitbit says "you may be eligible for a 90-day trial" of either service, which will run you USD 9.99 / month for Deezer Premium or USD 4.99 / month for Pandora Plus once the trial's over, reported The Verge.

However, this change doesn't affect newer Fitbit models as they don't come with the option to transfer files between your PC and Fitbit device.

Devices like Versa 3 and Sense already only let you download music through Deezer or Pandora.

As per the Verge, those who own an older Fitbit that has the ability to store music, they'll still get access to the music files they have on their Fitbit device right now.

They just won't be able to download any additional songs without Pandora or Deezer past the October deadline.