Oman wellness: Begin a new life with yoga
October 21, 2017 | 7:21 PM
by Dr Saumyamol Chacko
Yoga strengthens up the immune system of the body and thereby keeps many of the diseases away.

The word yoga is coined from the Sanskrit language – Yuj which means – ‘to unite’. As the name suggests, yoga acts to bridge the gap between the physical body, mental body, and the emotional state of a person. The health benefits attained with regular practices of yoga are innumerable, yet few are listed below for a better understanding of its importance.

• Yoga helps to build a healthy body with flexible and toned muscles, strong bones and attractive physical attire.

• Yoga strengthens up the immune system of the body and thereby keeps many of the diseases away.

• Certain yogic practices like Kriyas, Pranayama, and others helps to eliminate the toxins accumulating in the body.

• Yogic Asanas helps to improve the flexibility, balance, coordination, and the beauty of the body.

• The lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, backpain, varicosity, sciatica, thyroid dysfunction, spondylosis and many more can easily be prevented as well as managed with yogic practices.

• Female disorders like infertility, PCODs, menstrual problems can be corrected with yoga.

• Practices like dharana and dhyana plays on the mental and emotional state of the body and helps to balance them.

• Yogic techniques like Pranayama and Prathyahara will help in stress management, anxiety, depression, tension, sleeping problems and many others.

• The breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation will surely boost up the mental and emotional health in a person.

• Children who do yoga regularly can have a boosted memory, better learning skills, understanding capacity, and concentrate well in their activities.

• Yoga unlike other exercises, will help to maintain the youthful vigour of the body even as the age progresses.

Yoga should always be mastered from a well versed and trained yoga practitioner, as we already know it’s not only an exercise form, but has many benefits on the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels of the body and sometimes therefore doing alone or in a wrong way can land you up in pains and troubles as well.

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Dr Saumyamol Chacko is a yoga trainer at AnimA Health & Wellness, Karama Building, CBD Ruwi

+968 9490 4055

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