521 rescue operations carried out by Oman's CDAA in 2021

Oman Sunday 07/August/2022 23:32 PM
By: Times News Service
521 rescue operations carried out by Oman's CDAA in 2021

Muscat: The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) engaged itself in 521 operations to save people from drowning during 2021.

“The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority engages itself in such operations with the help of special teams trained in water rescue operations in valleys, dams, ponds, springs, wells and along beaches, after evaluating the location and geography of the incident site,” Major Faisal bin Hamed Bait Fadel, Civil Defence Central Officer, Taqa and Mirbat, said.

Major Faisal Bait Fadel explained that most of such incidents occur along beaches, or in springs, valleys, water ponds and swamps resulting from rains and overflowing valleys.

He added that the water springs, especially those located in the Dhofar Governorate, are not considered safe for swimming because of several reasons, including the location of the springs that are difficult to reach, besides exposure to pollutants due to their presence in open natural places.

The Civil Defence officer of Mirbat pointed out that one of the most important reasons for prohibiting swimming along the beaches during weather conditions and depressions and the fall of Dhofar is the presence of the draft current, which causes 95 percent of drowning incidents, high waves and the difficulty of locating the victims due to the high density of sea foam.

The CDAA deploys all its efforts and capabilities to protect the lives and properties of the people. Its aim is to ensure public safety, reduce the risks of natural and industrial disasters and their effects, and implement measures and procedures related to civil defence and ambulance work.

During depressions and tropical situations experienced by the Sultanate of Oman recently, the authority carried out rescue and ambulance operations in areas affected by rains and overflowing wadis, where it engaged its equipment and personnel to respond quickly and optimally to deal with any emergency in those areas.