Oman least polluted country in Arab world

Oman Saturday 25/June/2016 21:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman least polluted country in Arab world

Belgrade(Serbia): Oman has bagged the first place at the Arab countries’ level in the world least polluted countries index 2016 issued by Website “”.
Muscat got the 69th place in the least polluted countries list and 142nd place in the most polluted cities at the world level.
Sixth in Asia
Muscat got the sixth place at the Asian level in the least polluted cities. The index also indicated the reduction in polluted potable water in the Sultanate.
The noise and light pollution in Muscat was low ( at 35.42 degrees).The level of inconvenience for staying in Muscat for a while was low (32.69 degrees) and the level of inconvenience in terms of landscaping was also low ( at 34. 04 degrees), according to the index.
Abu Dhabi came second in the least polluted cities at the Arab countries’ level followed by Dubai, Amman and Doha, respectively.