Finance your vehicle furniture or electronics within 10 minutes

Roundup Sunday 07/August/2022 13:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Finance your vehicle furniture or electronics within 10 minutes

Muscat: Alizz Islamic Bank has expanded its IFIN instant finance services to several car dealerships, furniture and electronics stores. Through this service, customers can choose their desired vehicle or goods and finance them immediately within just 10 minutes.

Customers can currently avail instant auto finance at Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, and Mazda for their car of their dreams. The auto finance application is made on the spot and in less than 10 minutes. The delership will then be able to fetch all the required information through a flexible electronic system, verify finance eligibility, and finally move on with the process easily.

Additionally, customers can receive instant finance for goods such as furniture, accessories, electronics, etc. through showrooms of Danube Home, Enza Home, Mustafa Sultan Electronics, SofaLand, and Fahmy Furniture. Alizz Islamic Bank customers can receive instant finance at the store for up to 120 months without the need to visit any of the bank branches. The finance process has been made easier to take up to only 10 minutes at the cashier counter. Customers will get verified through an OTP sent to their registered phone number, and then asked to sign the finance contract after obtaining immediate approval. Afterward, Alizz Islamic Bank will buy the customer’s desired goods from the authorized dealer and sell them to the customer at a pre-agreed price to be paid in installments. This type of finance features full transparency; the customer is aware of the bank’s margin and the installment plan at the time of contract signing, which gives him immediate ownership of the goods.

The IFIN Instant Finance Service comes as part of Alizz Islamic Bank's plans to provide a wide range of quick and metacululsy designed banking solutions to meet the needs of all customers while completing their banking transactions. Alizz Islamic Bank is one of the leading banks to provide flexible digital transactions for its customers, especially with the growing reliance on digital technology in banking. Alizz Islamic Bank believes strongly on the importance of adopingt digital strategies that meet the needs customers and provides higher levels of tranparcndy.

IFIN is the world's first company to offer Shariah-compliant FinTech solutions among the various Islamic FenTech institutions, products, and channels. The company also provides instant Islamic finance facilities at retail stores. This solution has been designed to change the way Islamic finance is provided, which makes it safe, fast, and easy to process.