First look: Maison Des Fleurs opens in Oman
October 18, 2017 | 8:20 PM
by Salem Afifi

They say flowers offer a helping hand to those who struggle to express themselves in spoken words. These delicate creations of Mother Nature offer us a perfect way to convey our messages of love, to celebrate a new addition to the family, and to even show value to our loved ones. Flowers also come in handy when it comes to apologising after forgetting about your BFF’s birthday bash. These gorgeous and often exotic blooms are in for better and for worse too. While there are many places in Muscat to get that perfect floral delight, this week we visit Maison Des Fleurs, the crème de la crème of all flower shops in Muscat.

My love for Maison Des Fleurs began on Instagram. I have always been fascinated in the art of darkness, especially when it comes to flowers and the thought of having black roses always intrigued me. So when I heard that the store has officially opened in Muscat, I had to go check it out and see what’s it all about, and of course grab some black roses.

Maison Des Fleurs (which means house of flowers) is a florist boutique inspired by classic French luxe with a hint of creativity and lots of glamour. Located opposite Qurum Complex (Formerly known as CCC), the store is home to massive collection of flowers and plants, shipped from the golden lands of Ecuador and Colombia to the Middle East, specifically to United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and now Oman.

The store is specialised not just in garden-fresh roses and orchids but also known for its preserved roses that are sprinkled with a bunch of chemicals that keeps the roses in pristine condition for more than a year, which is a dream come true for hopeless romantics. The long-life roses are then dyed with vibrant and deep colours that add character and identity to the rose. Black, deep blue, blood red, orange, yellow, baby pink, cream, and fuchsia are some of the colours offered.

I was seriously captivated by the beauty of these roses, and the best part is, they retain their texture and flexibility just like a fresh rose, and need nothing but good care, as they are delicate and have a hate relationship with water, humidity, and extreme sun exposure.

Given the fact that we live in an excruciatingly hot country, this is quite an alternative way to keep your buds in full bloom for 365 days, as long as you keep them in a suitable, water-free space, and handle them with extra care, too.

As for the fresh ones, they come in a box that has a watered sponge, which keeps them hydrated for a week.

Now, your breath may be taken away by looking at the beautiful flowers, but the packaging is another uber-cool factor that makes this brand my absolute favourite. The roses are beautifully placed in acrylic boxes, as well as black or white boxes that come in the form of rounded and squared boxes, showcasing true elegance. In short, it is time to say goodbye to your vases.

Aside from being the artist and choosing your own flowers and their shades, the brand caters to a variety of events including weddings, corporate launches, receptions, and bridal bouquets among other things. And, they also customise boxes with client’s logo for their respective event. Chanel, Level Shoes, and loads of other luxury brands are some of the names under its belt.

Making the customer happy is truly their one and only motto. As a brand, they can even ship exclusive flowers from across the pond just for you. If you are as inspired as I am with flowers and roses, then this poetic, one-stop-shop for everything roses has to be on your list of places to visit this weekend. Whether you’d like to buy a humongous box of designer flowers or just grab one of their single preserved roses sold in miniature boxes in a variety of shades, your loved one will forever thank you.

[email protected]

Maison Des Fleurs

Qurum, Muscat (Opposite Qurum Complex)

+968 2456 0006; +968 7158 6060

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