TRA issues regulation on telecom service quality

Oman Monday 01/August/2022 15:46 PM
TRA issues regulation on telecom service quality

Muscat: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has issued Decision No. 108/2022 promulgating a regulation on the quality of telecommunication services.

The new regulation, which serves licensed parties, comprises basic requirements needed to be endorsed by a licensed party to ensure the delivery of high-level services to the beneficiaries in line with international quality standards.

The regulation covers fixed broadband services, high applicability of internet speeds for the announced services and offers the licenced party a maximum of two years to harmonise its services.

The regulation contained an article to regulate fixed broadband services and the Internet speeds associated with them, so that the licensee is obligated that the actual speed of the wired services provided should not be less than 90 percent and not less than 70 percent of the actual speed of wireless services from the upper limit of data speed announced by the licensee.

The regulation indicates the TRA’s role in gauging the quality of fixed and mobile telecom services rendered to end-users, notably through field surveys. It requires the licensed party to publish sufficient information about the quality of the services it offers to the public.