VIRAL VIDEO: Pilot flies parents home as a surprise

World Saturday 23/July/2022 08:25 AM
VIRAL VIDEO: Pilot flies parents home as a surprise

New Delhi: Isn't it fulfilling to see your parents' hearts swell with pride when they watch you do good in life? Everyone waits for that one opportunity in life to show their parents that they've made it in life.
An Indian pilot recently shared a video on his Instagram account that went viral and made many people go 'aww'! Kamal Kumar, a pilot that goes by the username @desipilot11 recently flew his parents to Jaipur and recorded the video on camera.

The heartwarming video instantly became viral and netizens couldn't help but applaud him. The video currently has 2.7 million views on Instagram and has been liked by more than 1 lakh 13 thousand Instagram users.

In the video, the pilot's parents, who were unaware that it was their son who was going to fly the plane, were baffled and amused to find him in pilot uniform inside the aircraft.

Kamal captioned the video, "I had been waiting for this since I started flying and finally I got an opportunity to fly them back home to Jaipur . It's such a feeling Check it out:

This is not the first time that such a special moment was caught on camera. Earlier in May, a woman named Zahra posted a video of her husband, who was the pilot in command of the flight she boarded, making a special announcement for her. The video was an instant hit amongst netizens.