Virat form not only a national debate but also international debate

Opinion Saturday 16/July/2022 19:42 PM
By: Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman, Danube group
Virat form not only a national debate but also international debate

Virat Kohli’s run of poor scores in the last six months has become a national debate with ex cricketers, media, fans asking him to be dropped.

There was a time when fans where were asking when his next hundred will come as it's been more than two and half years Virat Kohli last scored a hundred in 2019 against Bangladesh.

But a lot has turned around after he decided to step down as Captain of the T20 after last year's World Cup. He was axed as ODI skipper as according to Saurav Ganguly it was too much captaincy and Virat Kohli be only the test captain. This obviously did not go well with Virat Kohli who decided to step down from the test captaincy too after the South Africa series. Till then no fan or any ex cricket never spoke about his form. The only point which was discussed was his century draught as he was getting runs in both Test and ODI. He played two test matches against Sri Lanka where he got three innings and his highest score was 45. But in the last test against England he failed in both the innings and was found wanting outside the off stump. His run of low scores continued in the T20 series where he had scores of 1 and 3 and in the second ODI against England Virat Kohli managed just 16 runs and India lost the game badly.

Kapil Dev India's first World Cup winning captain said that If Ashwin can be dropped why not Virat Kohli if he is not performing. Saurav Ganguly says Virat Kohli has to find his way to score runs again.

Virat Kohli decided to rest for the West Indies which was not well accepted by Sunil Gavaskar who said when players can play IPL why they want rest for International tours? Ashish Nehra who worked with Virat Kohli said a break will help him come back fresh. Similarly, Ravi Shastri too said Virat Kohli has been playing all formats for a long time and needs a well-deserved long break to back to his best. Babar Azam says this too time will pass indicating Virat Kohli will be back to his prime. So did Jos Buttler the new England captain said how can u discuss of dropping Virat Kohli who has done so much for team India.

But Virat Kohli’s biggest support has come from his captain Rohit Sharma. When asked by a reporter about Virat Kohli’s form, he got bemused and said why is this question asked again and again? Virat Kohli has scored so many runs in the past and every player has dip in form. This is part and parcel of the game. A player like Virat Kohli needs one innings to get going and needs to be left alone. This is the second time Rohit Sharma has backed Kohli in two weeks’ time and the team management has lot of faith in him. There was a time when Virat Kohli was the boss of Indian team and captained in all formats and his decision was final. No one knew even the Kings place in the team would be questioned. Whether he should be dropped, I shall leave it to the readers to decide.