Oman's Environment Authority participates in Tehran meeting

Oman Tuesday 12/July/2022 19:59 PM
Oman's Environment Authority participates in Tehran meeting

Tehran: The Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Environment Authority (EA), participated in the meeting on ‘Environment Cooperation for a Better Future) on Tuesday, in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al Ameri, Chairman of Environment Authority, chaired the Sultanate’s delegation. The meeting was held in the presence of representatives of the UN Environment Programme, the UN Development Programme and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The meeting aimed to boost regional cooperation in meeting environment challenges which affect the region. The Sultanate and the other participating countries stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination in the region and the need for taking arrangements and executing bilateral and multi-party action plans for following with the outcomes of this meeting.

The participants reaffirmed the need for timely actions for protection of natural environment and the necessity for cooperation in the field of environment as a collective responsibility.

The participants also reaffirmed that the challenges such as global warming, climate change, loss of biodiversification and environment pollution mainly sand and dust storms are among the most urgent environment challenges in the region.

The Sultanate and other participating countries stressed the necessity for combating desertification in the countries suffering from drought  conditions and encouragement of the UN Sand and Dust Storm Coalition for giving priority to its activities related to this effect and to employ its efforts and resources for  increasing the funds and donations in consistent with the decisions of the UN general assembly in relation to sand and dust storms.

The meeting also discussed the need for an effective framework for cooperation, exchange of expertise between the countries of the region in terms of their programmes and initiatives aimed to curb and mitigate gas emissions, combating the climate change and establishment of a network for exchange of information for taking effective decisions for preserving biodiversity.