Incessant rain plays spoilsport with Eid shoppers

Oman Friday 08/July/2022 13:12 PM
By: Pankaj K Sharma

Muscat: Almost an hour of rain on Thursday evening played spoilsport with the Eid Al Adha shoppers.

Muttrah Souq, being the go-to destination of the buyers of all ages, they were seen running away from the area under the onslaught of heavy rains. Everyone was looking for cover to save themselves from heavy rain.

In fact, the Royal Oman Police personnel had blocked the road in front of the police station at Souq owing to strong water currents and for the safety of commuters. The entire market wore a deserted look which is otherwise humming with customers.

Almost 90 percent of shops were shut due to inclement weather and the entire area was flooded with the onlookers enjoying the cool weather and taking snaps or making videos of the strong currents of water in their mobiles.

The few, who had arrived for shopping, were loitering only around the outskirts as they were completely drenched. Muttrah Souq being a low-lying area, the small streams of flow from the catchment areas accumulate along the road, and turn into a big stream as the water reaches Souq. Rather it takes a dangerous proportion and has enough power to sweep away anything on its feet. Such is the force of water that if one doesn’t take calculated and strong steps, one can be easily swept away. The most virulent form of the stream was seen when it met the sea at the Corniche.

Many people were seen climbing atop the Souq gate to capture the flow of water. Even though the rain ended after one hour, there was no trace of shoppers and the shopkeepers were seen cleaning their premises of the dirt which had come along with rain. It was Thursday, but hopefully the crowd will come back on Friday as the weather has cleared.