'New expat family visa rule will boost Oman economy'
October 8, 2017 | 11:27 AM
by Times News Service
File photo

Muscat: An amendment to the salary clause which allows lower paid expat workers to bring their families to Oman will be a shot in the arm to the economy, according to chamber of commerce chiefs.

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In a statement online OCCI said:" Oman's Chamber of Commerce and Industry expresses its deepest thanks to the Royal Oman Police for their contribution to the amendment of the salary clause in the conditions for the issuance of a family visa for expats from OMR 600 to OMR 300, as this decision will lead to the growth of the real estate, tourism, and commercial sector, and increase the rate of power and the circulation of money within the Sultanate, in addition to attracting foreign capital."

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The move has led experts to believe that expats in Oman will now spend more money locally, thereby having a good overall effect on the economy of the Sultanate.

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