Minister of Industry issues decision on Omani Khanjar specifications
October 7, 2017 | 9:53 PM
by ONA
The updated specification is approved as standard specification replacing the previous one. Photo - @MOCI_OMAN

Muscat: Dr. Ali bin Masaud Al Sunaidi, Minister of Commerce and Industry has issued ministerial decision No. 195/2017 updating the standard specification of the Omani Khanjar (dagger).

The updated specification is approved as standard specification instead of the earlier one.

The Ministry stated that specification is concerned with the general requirements of the Omani Khanjar, its types and main parts.

The specification has also named the parts of the dagger, the materials; the classifications of the Omani dagger which included the Saidi dagger (worn by members of the Royal family), the Khanjar of Nizwa and that of Sur among other types.

The Ministry also stated that the Omani Khanjar prepared for marketing purposes should bear details of the Khanjar and the seal.

The Commerce and Industryhas banned the use of horns of animals in making Omani Khanjar as per Ministerial Decision No. 169/1994.

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