CDAA, ROP urges people to take precautions during rain

Oman Monday 04/July/2022 13:24 PM
CDAA, ROP urges people to take precautions during rain

Muscat: Due to heavy rains reportedly forecast for parts of the Sultanate of Oman today and the next few days, accompanied with strong winds, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) called upon all road users to exercise caution, take necessary precautions to protect their properties and stay away from low-lying areas that are expected to be inundated during rainfall.

In particular, the ROP urged parents to pay attention to their children and prevent them from swimming in rainwater pools. Drivers are also strongly advised to avoid crossing flooded wadis and keep enough driving distance from cars travelling ahead during rains or dust blasts.

The ROP advised fishermen not to go fishing before checking weather conditions and requested all members of the public to stick to instructions aired by radio or published by the media, follow up weather reports and take related information from official sources.